Empowering Partner Programs One Course at a Time

The Kiflo Academy provides online education on all things partnerships, helping both programs and partners thrive.
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Why Join Kiflo Academy?

We train partner professionals with cutting-edge courses taught by experts.

Useful & Unique Learning Paths 

Our courses are inspired by you. Collaborating with real customers, partnership leaders, and eLearning experts, we've created easily-digestible content that includes concrete deliverables for your partner programs. 

More Than Just a Course

By joining Kiflo Academy, you become a part of a rich community. Collaborate with fellow partner professionals, get access to exclusive content, speak directly with instructors, and gain industry insights that will elevate your operations. 

Nurture Your Partner Ecosystem

Our courses cover partner program operations from A to Z: 
    • Improve partner recruitment
    • Increase partner engagement
    • Streamline onboarding pipelines
    • Enhance program organization 
    • Manage program operations
    • Scale & expand overall reach

Our Courses


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Why Start an Academy?

Because Product
Means Nothing
Without Progress

Kiflo PRM is the leading Partner Platform built specifically for SMBs.

Kiflo is not just a product, it's also process: 

  • Each feature within Kiflo PRM has been designed with the needs of a partnership ecosystem at the center

  • While the platform has been extremely effective on its own, in order for partnership professionals to take full advantage of these tools and development, they should become experts in both our platform and partnerships as a whole

  • This is where Kiflo PRM & Kiflo Academy meet to provide 360-support for our users and customers