Kiflo is Building an Epicenter
of Partner Program Support

Kiflo Academy is a centralized learning hub for SMB partner program professionals.
We specialize in free, bite-sized, comprehensive courses and downloadable resources
for partner and sales teams looking to grow their programs, expand their reach,
and maximize their business operations. 

Who we are. 

Kiflo is the first and only Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform built specifically to serve the needs of SMBs and their partner programs. Since 2019, we've supported thousands of growing partnerships, businesses, and ecosystems with our intuitive and inventive software.

So, why an academy?

We've worked diligently to deliver the best PRM software to SMBs, and according to our customers, it's working like gangbusters. 

But technology was always only the beginning. 

Since the launch of our company, we've been passionate about creating a one-stop-shop for SMBs and partner professionals to find all things partnership support

We don't just want to sell our product; we want to empower partner leaders towards lasting success. 

Kiflo Academy is that dream coming to fruition. Here, customers and users alike can find free, online, and comprehensive courses that will not only maximize revenue, but grow their partner programs and their professional skills. 

Meet our instructors

Philippe Swamy

Partnership instructor
Philippe is always in the partner program action. As Kiflo's Customer Success Manager, he supports SMBs at every stage of program development. Need a partner recruitment strategy? Don't understand how to share an asset in Kiflo's platform? Philippe is your guy!

Shawnie Hamer

Partner Marketing instructor
As a writer turned teacher, turned curriculum developer, turned content marketing specialist, Shawnie is passionate about creating learning materials that bring tangible value to each and every user. 

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